Other Players

Curtis Suede (Master of Ceremonies)

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Curtis Suede was born into burlesque on April 1, in the
year of the rooster (very auspicious). A keen investment opportunist with
an eye for legal loopholes of any kind, he is credited with the being the
brainchild of numerous cottage industries, including the packaging of “Sea
Weed”, a Cape Cod strain of “medical” marijuana. A shortage of talent is
no obstacle for this performer. A cat person, Coitis spent years chasing
tail– until the scent led him straight into the arms of the Brazen


Roxy Roll (Stage Belle)

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The Belles party girl and sizzling sweetheart. She’ll boogie her way straight into your heart, but this seductress twirls more than just curls.
Out on the dance floor her spell she will cast, She’s always full throttle and never half sass. she’s got moxie, she’s got soul……watch out world it’s Roxy Roll!

Ginger St. Stephens (Stage Belle)

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