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The Brazen Belles is a Cape Cod based Burlesque troupe. The Belles bring a variety of talents: singing, dancing, acting, wit, sass, and of course seduction to the stage. Every show includes a mixture of racy retro costumes, chorus line kicks, slapstick antics, sultry dance moves, and physical comedy skits. A troupe of dangerous flirts, rowdy rabble-rousers, and saucy comediennes, we will have you laughing, lusting, and longing for more.

Queens of the corset, sirens of the stage, dolls of the dance floor!


Burlesque is a diverse form of entertainment pulling theatrical, dance, and sketch comedy elements from many historical eras together to provide a creative spin on society’s traditional, and often oppressive, stereotypes of women.  While the art of burlesque includes acts of a sexual nature, the goal of performing these expressions is never intended to be offensive of harmful to others, but rather empowering, particularly to women, by embracing the existence of female sexuality in light of differing body types, genders, race and ethnicity, upbringings, and so on.  Our troupe stands in firm belief that this beautiful art form is relevant in its mission and provides important empowerment to our friends, family, local community and Beyond!


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brazenbelles@gmail.com or “Like” us on facebook to stay updated!