Want to be a Brazen Belle?

The Brazen Belles are gearing up to audition a new Belle and a new feature for out winter spectacular 2013. Auditions will take place September 24th. 6pm at the woods hole fire station.

What’s it mean to be a Belle?
Being a Belle is a time commitment. We practice Tuesday and Thursday’s 6-9 pm as well as coordinate other times to make vignettes, have photo shoots, and make costume pieces. In addition We are always researching and brainstorming new ideas!

Mostly we have a lot of fun!!!!
Still interested?

Listed below is a description of what were looking for at auditions. Please let us know if you are interested and we will hold a spot for you.

1) a feature spot in our winter spectacular- meaning you would come fully prepared with a solo number. (song, dance, skit, special talent act)


2) A troupe member- we would teach you part of a dance that you would then perform for us in a group.
In addition we want to see your personality …..Some of us are either singers, dancers, actors or comedians. Some of us feel comfortable doing all some just a couple. So preparing part of a short song, dance, monologue, or comedy routine would help us really get a feel for each individual.

Please wear something comfortable to dance in as well as a comfortable pair of heels.

Please bring whatever music you may need on your own device